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The Best Outdoor Playground in Ashburn

Are you looking for a great outdoor playground in Ashburn, VA?  If so, it’s time for you to visit Ashburn Park – also known to some as the Dinosaur Park!

Ashburn Dinosaur Park

Ashburn Park is a hidden treasure located on 43546 Partlow Road.  Ashburn, VA.  (Click here to view a map.)  There are four different playgrounds at the park, with a fairly large picnic area (6 picnic tables in addition to a large gazebo/pavillion) – no grills or BBQs allowed.  So this place is perfect for a gathering of 3 or 4 young families coming together with their children – and great for birthday parties too.  Ashburn Park is also wonderful because its atmosphere is quite peaceful and the large trees that literally cover the park provide much shade.  In addition, there are trails that lead out to the surrounding community although they don’t lead back to the park.  Despite that minor issue, the trails are excellent since families can walk along their paths and enjoy nature and an adjacent stream.  One word of caution is in order, children should not veer off the trails because there are known deer ticks in the area along with poison-ivys and poison-oaks in the forested area.

Picnic area and Bridge in Ashburn Park

As you enter the park, a “caveman” and a “wooly mammoth” greets you in the first playground colored with blue and orange paint.  The apparatus is wide and sturdy and It is fairly easy for an adult to accompany a small child.  Other than the slides, there are some activities your child can enjoy along the way such as the bell chimes and the tic-tac-toe section.  There are also tunnels, springy apparatuses, see-saws for small children, a balance beam and small animal-on-springs rides on the grounds as well.

Entrance Main Ashburn Park Playground

The next playground is adjacent to the main apparatus.  It is colored in purple and green and is designated especially for 2 to 5 year olds.  There are different ways to climb onto the apparatus along with more slides and tunnels.  So, this is a super outdoor playground for toddlers!

Ashburn Park Playground 2-5

The third playground is designated for children between the ages 5 and 12.  As you can see, the slides are higher and it is more challenging for children to reach their top sections.  There are two main slides with monkey bars and a wall-climbing area to help your youngster develop hand-foot coordination and upper-muscle strength.

Ashburn Park Playground 5-12

The fourth playground is more of an afterthought and seems more isolated from the rest of the park.  However, it is shaped into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. ROAR!

Ashburn Park Playground 4

Last but not least, we have the swings.  After all, what is a park without swings?  There are 6 swings sets – 2 baby swings and 4 regular ones – there used to be 4 but they added 2 more swings a few months ago (Edited 4/21/2014).

Swings in Ashburn Park

Ashburn Park is especially suitable for toddlers and young children.  The playground and picnic area are highly shaded with many tall trees (such as oaks) which provide acorns for squirrels and other animals.  Moreover, the grounds are well-kept with wood chips spread across the playground area to prevent serious injury from falls.  Another word of advice is important at this point:  Before you leave home to visit the park, remember to ask your kids to go the restroom first or bring a “pee” cup.  (At last count, there were 2 Don John’s stalls, but those are best left alone.)

There are indeed many other outdoor playgrounds in the Ashburn area but considering the size, layout and ample protection from the sun with the trees in Ashburn Park, it may very well be the best outdoor playground in Ashburn, VA.  Play safe!


1.  http://www.loudoun.gov/facilities.aspx?RID=2&Page=detail

  1. August 19, 2013 at 9:32 am

    There is one more thing. People and children who are prone to get mosquito bites should apply mosquito repellant before going – especially during the days after a summer rain. Adult mosquitos live on the average for 2 weeks and they are hungry for blood especially during the hours of dawn and dusk.

  1. August 10, 2015 at 9:01 pm

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