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My Bottled Water Tastes Like Plastic

December 10, 2012 14 comments

Have you ever opened a brand of bottled water that you normally drink and found on a particular occasion that it tasted like plastic?

Bottled Water Tastes like Plastic Read more…

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

August 18, 2012 1 comment

(Click the picture to download a PDF for a checklist on “foods to avoid during pregnancy“.)

There are foods to avoid during pregnancy and foods to be careful of.  In a nutshell, all food intake by pregnant moms should be thoroughly cooked Read more…

When Should I Start Potty Training?

March 31, 2012 Leave a comment

When is the best time to potty train my child?  Potty training is a huge step for your child, and many parents worry that they will wait too long before they begin potty training their toddlers.  Others are afraid that they will impede the success of their potty-training efforts by starting too soon.  So exactly when is the best time to potty train your child?  Conventional wisdom tells us that whether or not a child is ready depends on his emotional and physical readiness more than on him reaching a predetermined age.  Some children are interested in learning to go potty independently by age two, while others may be quite a bit older.

However, this line of thinking may be on the way out the door! Read more…

Happy Baby Tips – My Baby Boy Keeps Peeing All Over the Toilet.

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Happy Baby USA is adding a new category called Happy Baby Tips.  We will provide short, easy to remember tips to help parents and children live a more fruitful and happier life.

The quest for a clean bathroom – more a less a clean toilet!  Today’s tip relates to boys who are learning to “pee” in the toilet.  Although many of us start using the toilet sitting down, there will be a time where the child will have to learn to pee standing up.  Many parents stress during this time because boys in particular seem to just aim forward and not “in” the toilet.  Turn it into a fun activity!  A great way to entice him to urinate in the toilet is to place something like a “Cheerio” in the middle of the toilet.  In most cases he will focus and try to aim at the cereal – cheerio.

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