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Check the Tires on your Cars and SUVs

October 26, 2011 1 comment

Checking the tires on your cars/suvs are very important!  Not only can it improve your gas mileage, it can improve the safety and performance of your vehicle.  Think of your tires like a pair of shoes.  There are two tennis players with the same strength and athletic ability.  The only difference is their pair of shoes.  One is wearing a brand new sneakers and the other is wearing the same pair except that the treads are all worn out.  Who would perform better?  To make another extreme point, not all tires are created equal.  Some are better than others in the same category and some just don’t fit the season.  A serious tennis player would never play in a pair of running shoes and certainly a marathon runner would never run in high heels.  Tires are as important to our daily lives as are shoes. Read more…

How to protect my baby against household germs!

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Babyproof your home against household germs!  This is necessary because germs are everywhere and all parents want what’s best for their children.  Indeed, baby-proofing your home is a crucial step for the well-being of your child.  People most often associate “babyproofing” with maintaining safety measures such as covering up the electricity outlets, setting up safety gates for stairs, using rubber bumpers for sharp corners, installing door stoppers to prevent hand injuries. etc.  Many start to childproof their home in this manner when their baby starts to crawl around the house.  However, what is often neglected involves something that are is – GERMS.  It is especially daunting to find out that your house is filled with germs that can potentially be dangerous to your baby’s health.

Baby-proofing your home against household germs is very important especially during the first year your baby’s life because at this time, the infant’s immune system is at its weakest point in his/her entire life. Read more…